Steven J. Rizzo

      Film & Television Actor

Steven J. Rizzo
About Steven J. Rizzo

Steven J. Rizzo is a Los Angeles based actor who brings a variety of life experiences from which to draw from to create characters that have depth, compassion, vitality, and life. Athletic Director, Minister, Police Reserve Officer, High School baseball/football/softball coach, Acting School owner, motorcycle rally producer/promoter, TV broadcast editor, Taekwondo World Champion are on this list.

As an actor “Chameleon” is a very common description from casting agents, directors, writers, producers, A.D.s, and other actors. Whatever costuming you put Steven in he fits the role. Whether it’s playing a homeless street dweller to a posh elite in a tux. With a through-line of helping and encouraging people in all his life-roles Steven desires to be a part of productions which inspire others, to encourage them to go after their dreams and to find purpose in life.

Recently married to actress Melody Grace Harris Rizzo, he is also the father of two extreme creatives; actress/rapper Grace Rizzo and actor/director/writer/podcast host Josiah Rizzo.

A graduate of USC, Steven also has a Masters Degree in Public Health. A 3rd-Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, Steven won two events in his age class at the ATA World Championships in 2014.